Military Saves Week
For military members and their families, the Military Saves organization at provides the tools you need to set goals and make a plan for your savings.  More
How to Set Up Secure Passwords (and Remember Them)
The key to more secure passwords—and more memorable ones—is to think length rather than complexity, says Victor Diaz, USAA's executive director of information security services.  More
5 Tax Tips for Service Members and their Families
As tax time approaches, military members and their families should take time to understand the special advantages the IRS extends to them.  More
Exchange Awards $3,000 in Prizes to Three Military Students for Academic Excellence
Three young scholars have learned that good grades can pay off in a big way thanks to the Army & Air Force Exchange Service’s You Made the Grade program.     More
Carter Greets Troops in Kandahar, Praises Progress
WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2015 – As part of his first official trip to Afghanistan as defense secretary, Ash Carter made a stop in Kandahar today to thank U.S. troops there for their dedication to the mission and the progress they and their NATO and Afghan allies have achieved.     More
Semper Paratus: Always Ready The Coast Guard Reserve is marking 74 years of service this month.
The Coast Guard Reserve is a component of the Coast Guard, which responds to acts of terrorism, disasters or other emergencies in maritime regions—ports, waterways and oceans, including those in the Arctic.    More

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Should the U.S. send arms and military supplies to the Ukrainian government?